Humans are fascinating. As a species our minds have developed over hundreds of years to create shared imaginations, ideologies and belief systems so that we can work together as a community. It is these collective aspirations that have enabled progress – including the creation of hierarchical societies and the ability to outsource our minds to technologies that we now know as ’normal’.

It is our distinctive behaviours, unspoken emotions and subconscious routines that I am passionate about exploring. I'm inspired by the new, the next and ideas that can change the way people think and behave.

Wanting to understand people’s idiosyncrasies is prevalent throughout my work and it is through qualitative and ethnographic research that I explore how these sentiments are changing. Using methodologies such as in-home interviews, focus groups or online via Skype or forums.

A client case study

A social impact strategy from a not-for-profit international foundation, with the aim to understand how to motivate and facilitate children aged 7-12 to be more physically active across East London.
By visiting schools and youth clubs, as well as spending time at home and exploring the neighbourhoods with these children, we gained a deep understanding of their influences and barriers.

Communicating research findings to the client, and often aligning their partner agencies, is critical for the success of the brief. Bringing the diverse characters to life in bespoke outcomes including bespoke magazines, 90 second films or immersive experiences.