Why London's cars are similar to America's guns

Founded by Pentagram Partner Naresh Ramchandani, Do The Green Thing was established in 2008 to tackle climate change through creativity and communications. From posters to products, the campaign has aimed to encourage sustainable living through various initiatives.

Issue 2 makes a strong case for Why London's cars are like America's guns. 

  • The effects of particulate air pollution kill 40,000 people nationwide and 9,500 in London every year.
  • In America, 33,599 people die every year because of guns.

Exploring societies justifications for owning or using a car to make short journeys in the city, DTGT asked their readers to submit their ‘Car Confessionals’. These are bought to life by  illustrator Alice Bowsher, a selection shown above, include  "I hailed a cab to take me through a McDonald's drive-thru" and "I go by car because I hate other people and their swine flu".